10 Very Useful iOS & Android Apps to Try Out

Lots of people search for top useful new app to downloads on a regular basis, especially with mobile apps gaining popularity day by day. With stiff competition between various mobile OS such as iOS, Android, Windows, and others, the mobile application development arena is getting tremendous prominence with new players entering constantly. As per July 2015 statistics, adult users spend about 6 hours on their mobile daily as compared to 3 hours of laptop and desktop combined.
This January we have seen a bunch of new apps on the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store. Here is a rundown of the top 10 useful new apps to downloads coming from both App stores as we begin this new year 2016. Select the ones fitting your preferences so that you do not end up downloading unnecessary apps filling up your smartphone haha! so lets go.

Share, communicate, and explore different ideas across a global community of people with varied hobbies and interests. You can even share your likes, dislikes, passions, personal experiences, and lots other things. Systematically organize people with like-minded thinking together with the help of this app. The app gives you a feel of classic old Internet forums, from a smartphone perspective.

iOS Download (free)
Android Download (free)

2. Custom Quick Settings
With the help of this app, get relieved from the limited dropdown menu options. This app is an effective solution to the same old notification toggles in the traditional menu setup. The app lets you create and add favorite app shortcuts to be available with the already available toggles in the stock OS as seen in the notifications drawer. In order to take the full advantage of the customized experience, you need to have pictures and names added to the personalized toggles.

iOS Download (not available)
Android Download (free)


3. Emojify

A fun filled app that lets you have iOS emojis to be applied in the stamp format on images. Customize size and position as per your requirements. Just coil them around, expand them to look bigger, or shrink them to let them appear smaller. Ensure that you do not compromise on resolution while expanding, because making them bigger can pixelate the emoji, imparting a poor resolution and delivering a blurry feel.
iOS Download (free)
Android Download (not available)

4. Fontli

Another great app meant for both platforms. Now, sharing the captured images gets easier with this app. It works very much similar to Instagram. Once the image is published, it shows up on the feed of all your followers, open for shares, comments, and likes. Follow all your favorite typoholics, typographers, illustrators, artists, and designers, and be updated with their wonderful aesthetic work or uploads. Using the tag feature, you can find out profiles of people from your field with ease.


5. Komoot

This app is meant for all the globetrotters or people who love to travel across the globe in search of unexplored destinations. It is a highly useful app for hikers and bikers who are in the look out for thrill and adventure. The app accumulates information related to unknown or less known places posted by travel enthusiasts to spread awareness regarding heavenly places that are yet untouched.
Users can share images, as well as write whatever they feel about the place. With an inbuilt navigation feature and even topographical maps, you can find places that you have read reviews on or heard about from others.

6. Live Pictures Cam

Though not available for free download on iOS, this app is worth checking out. You might have observed social media flooded by jpeg, gif, and other form of image files from the Internet. This app is quite different from all other GIF making apps. On first instance, it might look very similar to iPhone 6 Live Photos app. However, this app lets you preserve camera roll live photos, and works only with iOS 9. It works like this. As soon as you have a live image captured, it is saved automatically in the gallery, with other photos. To view them, hold the photo right after tapping on them.
iOS Download ($1.99 to buy)
Android Download (not available)


This app is a classic example of how media is adopting the technology. It is a virtual reality app coming from the stable of the New York Times. The app helps to have a glimpse of stories in the form of videos shot with a 360-degree view. For this purpose, the app uses virtual reality goggles, with a smartphone compatibility feature. If not compatible, there is also an alternative for that. While shooting the video, the camera angles need to be controlled in a manner to give a 360-degree perspective.

8. Swipe Dial

This app works more like a widget wherein it provides customization within the quick calling feature. Once installed, the app in the form of widget is found in dropdown menu present in Today section. Add favorite people or people whom you frequently make calls, from within the pinned contacts. This way whenever you want to make a call to your frequent or favorite people, just swipe down the tray. Although a free app, you can go for in-app purchases available for $2.99 that lets you do FaceTime texting and calling.
Android Download (not available)

9. Texpand

A free app meant for the Android platform that lets users create sweet shortcuts for long phrases. As an example, you can instantly create “hay” for “how are you?” Hence, whenever you type “hay” in your messages, it is transformed instantly to “how are you?” This really helps a lot in saving time for the users, making things very convenient and simple. The app can be seen as really useful when it comes to typing names or locations.
iOS Download (not available)
Android Download (free)

10. Unmute

Using this app, users can pick any conversation subject, in order to communicate with worldwide audiences with the help of voice chat. However, the actual power of the app lies in the fact that you can unmute any listener when having a private conversation with a certain group of people or selected audience. The app proves to be a boon to those who want to be anti social and have peace in their lives for a certain period.
Android Download (not available)

There you have it peeps.. Let me Know what you think about these apps in the comment section.


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