Is MTN BBLITED on Simple Server Still Working? |

MTN BBLITED still work flawlessly as at the time of this post January 2016, Many people still complain of its competence, I'm here to put you put of your misery lol... sorry for my choice of words tho, bottom line is at the end of this post you will be blazing the mtn using simple server.
To Use MTN BBLITED ON Android And PC

» Make sure you have at least N70 airtime on your MTN SIM.
» Text BBLITED to 21600
» Wait for the activation message.

Note: Sometimes you dont get an activation message , i advice you check your account balance to see if the N70 naira been withdrawn, if it has, then you go ahead and start up your simpe server but if the money is still in your account then try the method below;

Dial *123# then follow the commands that appears

Choose 3 for data services

Choose 6 for blackberry plans

Choose 3 for Blackberry 10 plans

Then you choose your prefered plan. but on this post we are talking bout the 70naira sub

So lets proceed
Choose 7 for more to get the lite plans

Then you select the 70naira daily plan that comes with an allocated data of 10mb.

Connect and open your SimpleServer app with no change. Same thing goes for Android and PC users.

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