Microsoft Stops Support for Internet Explorer

Almost all PC users hate Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and the browser has been trolled on social media at number of occasions, but we will have to admit that Internet Explorer provided many users their first taste of the web.

Microsoft has been supporting older versions of the browser, even after the launch of their new browser “Edge”, in order to safeguard their users. But now for people using Internet Explorer 8,9 & 10, that isn’t the case anymore. Microsoft has now withdrawn technical support and security updates for the browser.

Though Microsoft will still support Internet Explorer 11, but if you still decide to stick with the older versions of the browser, Microsoft will warn you, that you will be more susceptible to viruses, malware and other malicious software.

According to NetMarketShare statistics, one in five Internet users, still use Internet Explorer 8, 9 & 10. With today's end of life notice, Microsoft is trying to cut those figures and boost share of its new browser.

Written by Harsh Bhatia,
Editor in Chief Tech-Met.

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