How to Download YouTube video to your computers and Phones

 How do I download or save YouTube videos to my computer?

You bumped into the right page... Relax as i take you through the tutorial below;

There are many ways  you can save YouTube videos to your  computers and phones, some which are a lil bit confusing , but today i will be showing you some simple way to Download YouTube video to your computers and phones.

Downloading YouTube videos is very easy, you can visit this site and  enter the YouTube video url, and click download and you can also choose the format of the videos you like, flv,mp4,3gps and lots voila!

Also, there are thousands of online YouTube video downloader, just Google them.

You can also use softwares like Internet download manager, Free download manager and many more. try and get the free versions of these software or the cracked ones.

Download My cracked Internet Download Manager 2016 for free here.

Also YouTube added an update recently which allows you to download directly from the YouTube video page, check the photos below:

As you can see below the page, you have a download button there, click on that button and choose the video format that best suits you... But this feature is available for Youtube on desktop view and not the mobile view.

 How do I download or save a YouTube video to my Phone?

Now for phone users; here is a simple trick you can use, it works all the time.
 What do you do?  go to the YouTube page and get the url of the video you want to download. Copy the url of the YouTube video, for example,

 Add "SS" to it... your new link will look like this one. BELOW:

viola!! a page will open there you can choose the video format that best suits your phone.
Follow the photos above step by step  as i have explained, i am sure you will encounter no problems whatsoever .

Here is another Very simple method i use, Although it works mainly on Phone and not PC. Yaaya is a mobile site ... I personally use this, just go to this site( yaaya mobi

note that you must have copied the name of the video you want to download from YouTube's page. scroll down to video(in site),

then you paste the name of the video there. A download link will be provided. Choose the format that best suits you thats all....

Any problem do not fail to comment so i can help you out.

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