Is windows 10 good for PC Gaming?

Windows 10 is is now the real deal, and at least 18 million people have already upgraded to Microsoft’s newest OS. But you should know what you’re getting out of Microsoft Windows 10, especially when it comes to gaming, yeah Gaming!!!!

What’s new?

Windows 10 came along with new features centered on the Xbox app and games bar. Sadly, the release versions of these apps are limited in functionality, and truth is  you probably won’t have any use for the Xbox app unless you are conversant with the Xbox. All PC users will benefit from the games bar, but, its ability to stream video and still captures from your games.

Gaming performance on Windows 10: a whole lot like Windows 8.1?

Beyond the introduction of DirectX 12, gaming on Windows 10 isn’t much different than gaming on Windows 8. And when it comes to raw performance, it’s not so different than gaming on Windows 7,afterall.

The wait for DirectX 12 continues

One of the major purported benefits of DirectX 12 comes in the form of Direct3D 12, the newest iteration of the underlying graphics API. The most prominent performance upgrade is a result of lowering driver overhead and putting more control over VRAM and effects in the hands of the developers. The boost to power efficiency and frame rate is staggering, or so Microsoft claims.

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Ben Adams said...

In my opinion Windows 10 the best platform for gaming, especially when u use latest directx version, its works very fast and without any errors at all, so if u wanna play games, Windows 10 is just made for you!

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