How to Re-Enable Hibernation in Windows 8 and 10

If you’re a fan of hibernating your computer, you’ve likely noticed that neither Windows 8 or Windows 10 offer hibernate as a default power menu option. Don’t worry, it’s really simple to bring the hibernate option back.
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How to Manually Upgrade Your Nexus Device with ADB Sideload

Nexus OTA updates come straight from Google, but they also depend on carrier approval before they can be sent to devices on certain networks. Getting the latest OTA update means either waiting a few weeks, or manually flashing a full factory image, which can be a bit of a hassle. However, the process is more streamlined, so you can flash the latest update with one command, no waiting necessary.
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Airtel 750MB For N500 valid for 14days

Airtel NG has Introduced another plan for her subscribers.

Note; This is not a Cheat.
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How To Activate MTN 500MB For N25 Night Plan

Recently Airtel Nigeria stopped the hourly night unlimited plan, but MTN is here with an alternative.
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How to Leave a Clickable Link in a Blog's Comment Section

Do you comment on blog posts and leave your blog's address under your name? Want to learn how to make it a click-able link that takes people directly to your blog? It's super simple and just requires a little HTML code. 
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Airtel Launches 3GB Data Plan For N1,000 Which Works On Only Blackberry Devices

Airtel, Network, Airtel Launches 3GB Data Plan For N1,000 Which Works On All DevicesAirtel

How can I subscribe to this data plan?

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How to change a theme slideshow on Windows10 the Simplest Way.

Press WinKey+R, then put this in the run line and hit enter:
control /name Microsoft.Personalization /page pageWallpaper
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Download Whatsapp For PC (Windows and Mac OS) 2016

WhatsApp is one of the best IM app out there. A simple but fresh idea for an IM service has made it quite popular around the world. After crossing a million users, that cannot be overlooked, and with stiff competition from other IM services Mark and his team went further to show how innovative him and his executives can be. To keep itself (Whatsapp) in the dominating position among the IM services, WhatsApp has launched a full-fledged windows and mac desktop app. I am not talking about their web client (WhatsApp web) already in existence that has its limitations. WhatsApp web simply mirrors the chats on the phone and requires the device to be active(With active internet connectivity and scanning of bar codes) which simply is quite stressful if you ask me lol.

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