Download Whatsapp For PC (Windows and Mac OS) 2016

WhatsApp is one of the best IM app out there. A simple but fresh idea for an IM service has made it quite popular around the world. After crossing a million users, that cannot be overlooked, and with stiff competition from other IM services Mark and his team went further to show how innovative him and his executives can be. To keep itself (Whatsapp) in the dominating position among the IM services, WhatsApp has launched a full-fledged windows and mac desktop app. I am not talking about their web client (WhatsApp web) already in existence that has its limitations. WhatsApp web simply mirrors the chats on the phone and requires the device to be active(With active internet connectivity and scanning of bar codes) which simply is quite stressful if you ask me lol.

How Can You Download Whatsapp To Your PC?

Good Question... but its quite simple to do.

WhatsApp for desktops can be easily downloaded from any browser. Just enter this url in your  Browser address bar Http:// or Click Here to Download.

How Do I Verify My Number on Whatsapp For Pc?

You verify via a QR code. Nothing much is different compared to the smartphone app except the fact that one cannot make a voice call via the Whatsapp for PC/mac app. ​

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