How to Leave a Clickable Link in a Blog's Comment Section

Do you comment on blog posts and leave your blog's address under your name? Want to learn how to make it a click-able link that takes people directly to your blog? It's super simple and just requires a little HTML code. 

Type your comments and add your name. On the next line you want to type <a href="URL of target site">anchor text</a>

The word "anchor text" is a description (the title of a blog, post, anything you like) and is what will be displayed on a browser. For example, the HTML for the hyperlink to my blog should be typed as:

<a href="">

Tech News ,Android ,Tutorials,Reviews ,Downloads

And will display
Tech News ,Android ,Tutorials,Reviews ,Downloads 

If you want to display your URL and have it clickable just type

<a href=""></a>

And it will display

Told you it was easy peasy! Leave me a comment and try it out. lol.


Akham Papa said...

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Rosemary Omeje said...

Hmmmmmm.... Lemme try it here..

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Rosemary Omeje said...
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Rosemary Omeje said...

Am nt getting it ooooooo my blog

Rosemary Omeje said...

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Rosemary Omeje said...

Nawa ooooooo my blog

Ajayi Damilola said...

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BonkoINC said...

Its nice you guys are using and also enjoying this feature of html..

Anonymous said...

That Gent Mark

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