WhatsApp to end Blackberry OS support? Why Whatsapp is better than BBM

It is not just WhatsApp that decided to end support for BlackBerry OS 10 services by the end of 2016, Facebook too is leaving the BlackBerry platform after announcing to discontinue support of its application programming interfaces (APIs) for BlackBerry. Although both platforms are owned by same firm.

These are little reasons of mine why Blackberry users will miss whatsapp, and why its better than Blackberry Messenger(BBM)
  • Voice Messages: sending voice messages takes too long on BBM, it's just a button away in whatsapp and let's you see who listened to it if in a group. 
  • Groups: how much has group chats improved? I had two different groups in BBM and they all decided to switch to whatsapp for a few reasons, mainly not being able to send pictures in groups, Messages being mixed up when sent, for example you would see your second message listed before the first one or would see messages from someone in the group with somebody else's name.Even in the last group I had with 4 members, the calendar and other features where never used, people just don't want complicated things. Simple and easy to use is some much better for everybody. 
  • Chat design: color coding names makes it so much easier to identify members, no need for a picture. They have a clean design and very user friendly for anyone not familiar to get it in a few minutes. Overall chat experience and design is so simple and easy to use on whatsapp that when you try BBM is like the tried to make it more complex to do things. There's an extra step for anything you try. 
  • Security: the added "security" now on whatsapp, even though we know it's useless since the whole systems seats atop of the phone network, gives the general user an extra sense of protection so their need to change for something more "secure" isn't there anymore. 
  • Videos: sending videos over BBM is a pain. Have you tried sending the same video to a contact over BBM and over whatsapp? It takes for e v e r on BBM when in fact it's just a few seconds on whatsapp. 
  • Delivered and Read: message sent and message read was very well implemented on whatsapp so people have a similar to BBM option now available to know when and if your message was received and opened. 
  • Phone # vs BBM pin: most of us here can agree that having a pin # is more secure and private but people in general like the idea of knowing that they can chat with someone, see their picture, status, etc by just having their phone#. It's so much easier to just ask for a phone # than having to then request a pin code and invite the other person to accept. 
  • Voice calls: so far I haven't been able to try voice calls over the network, only when connected to WiFi. Whatsapp had the network option since day one. BBM video on the other hand, it needs a lot of marketing to make people aware of it. It won't make so much of a difference in my opinion I believe.

Those are just a few of the reasons why whatsapp is the preferred option over BBM. I'm a big BBM fan but I am pretty aware of the limitations it has right now. I just hope that when it becomes my only platform everything will be so much better.

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