iPhone 7 New leaks show smart connector, no mute switch

The Apple iPhone 7 leaks begin to resurface as we move closer to its expected launch date in early September this year. Yesterday Weibo, a Chinese micro blogging website alleged images of the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus which show various expected changes in design.

Up until now, it has generally been accepted that the new iPhone will lose the headphone jack, but the latest rumour lends credence to the theory that the new iPhone will be waterproof, because less physical buttons means less seepage of water into the device. 

Here’s what to look for in these photos:
  1. The touch sensitive home button appears to have more defined metallic ring around it.
  2.  The camera and the antenna lines seem to be redesigned with two lenses which could enable zoom or VR features which require dual cameras for measuring depth
  3. Three dots at the bottom look like Smart connector, one of the types which Apple uses on its iPad to connect keyboard cases.
  4. The removal of the mute button would bring the device into line with its latest iPad, which has also lost that button.

In addition to these leaked images, other reports suggest that Apple will ditch 16GB iPhone this time around and instead go for 32GB as their base model

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