Apple ditches the headphone jack, launches mediocre wireless earbuds, and calls it ‘courage’

Apple rumors are not always accurate, but in the case of the iPhone 7‘s headphone jack, they were dead-on. As expected, Apple announced the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack. Instead, it will do audio over the Lightning port, via Bluetooth, and apparently via a Bluetooth-like low-power protocol for the optional AirPods. Whether or not you think this is a good idea, Apple has kicked off the post-headphone jack era — Android OEMs are going to start following suit. I’ve spent some time trying to live without the headphone jack courtesy of the Motorola Moto Z, and it’s pretty much as annoying as you’d expect it to be… at least for now.

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How to verify my Instagram account without phone number or after been banned

Let's just be truthful to our selves: you cannot contact Instagram over the phone, and oh my! it sucks.
The official Instagram support email is however, you can find an option to contact their customer service from their app check the photo below.
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