How to verify my Instagram account without phone number or after been banned

Let's just be truthful to our selves: you cannot contact Instagram over the phone, and oh my! it sucks.
The official Instagram support email is however, you can find an option to contact their customer service from their app check the photo below.
Also there are some cases whereby you need to use the Instagram Help Center to report issues or try to get their attention through Twitter and Facebook, and almost all the time you get dissapointed.

Well You can access the Instagram Help Center at Help Centre

You can provide feedback or report a technical issue by clicking on the Options (gear wheel) in your profile and then tapping Report a Problem in the menu. Choose Spam or Abuse, Something Isn’t Working or submit General Feedback, type your message, and click Send.

Now that you have been locked out, You could use thus little trick of mine..

Visit This page 

Report a Hacked Account

If your account is hacked and you can't log in, please submit a report.

Then submit the report, and probably cook up stories to prompt them give you fast reply and assistance...

I hope this works for you.

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