Flashing Light When Phone Rings For Android and Iphones (Download here)

Activating LED flash for alerts, phone calls and notifications from any messaging app is one of the known features that you can find on an iPhone device that is, by default, the iPhone device comes with this feature but not integrated on some old android phones.
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Glo’s 4G coverage Extends to Ikeja, Redemption Camp, LASU, 13 other locations

Sixteen more major locations have been connected to the advanced 4G LTE network of national telecoms operator, Globacom. The new locations include the Lagos State University and Babcock University in Ogun State.
The others are
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GLO 4G LTE Plans, here’s how to activate yours

 From the network that introduced the first per second billing and first BlackBerry service to the country… Introducing Glo 4G-LTE. Upgrade to Glo 4G LTE and enjoy SUPER FAST INTERNET SPEED. The 4G-LTE network would be available across the country.
GLO 4G LTE plan which is very useful to every 4G enabled devices. However, this data package may seems your normal 3G data package, but Coverage are still getting across the country so chillax, i will also be updating you guys as they cover more areas in Nigeria. What’s interesting is the fact that they added the newly 1k for 3.2GB and 2k for 7.5k data plan to be part of the 4G LTE package and that’s quite amazing.
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BlackBerry DTEK60 Release Date and Specifications

BlackBerry has just released its newest smartphone, the DTEK 60, which is the third in the line of android smartphones from BlackBerry, second in its DTEK series and also the second instance of BlackBerry software running on another company’s hardware in recent times. I have given the specifications, price and release date below,i must say blackberry has done a great job.
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