Linda Ikeji Social: Fast Geek Press Review

Linda Ikeji needs no introduction in the blogging industry. When you talk about blogging in Africa, youare simply talking Linda Ikeji.

When you talk about blogging in Africa, You must mention the blogger Queen Linda Ikeji, Honestly speaking Linda Ikeji needs no introduction in the blogging industry. Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) is said to be blogging and Social Media combined.

At Linda Ikeji Social (LIS), you can get breaking news, connect with friends, share memories, post updates, chat with friends etc.

 It's more like a combination of Linda Ikeji's blog and a social media network, it has similarities with Facebook and twitters, because you can gain followers, post status, upload profile photos share stories and many more.

Now, what I found surprising is the negative buzz going around about the level of unpreparedness in Linda launching her own “social network” of-cause I have prepared my own little review, as I will be pointing out the ups and down of this great project.

 Don’t get this twisted as this is not some hate post like the ones going round the web right now.

 Linda has done well for herself and she has encouraged and changed the lives of so many visitors on her blog through GiveAways, giving help to those who needs it.

 Having come this far, it is expected of her to up her game, and take it to the next level, Bella Naija did same.

 Many would agree with me, it was after bella naija left the blogosphere, that was the move that paved way for our dear Linda.

After many critical reviews of the new social media platform rounding the web, , here are some downside of this great project of hers.

Note: I’m not discouraging you guys from signing up, as a matter of fact I was among the first persons to register on that site, as this post will only point out the ups and ofcus downs that can also be corrected in the later days.

Site Speed

 The Site is Slow sort of,but that is understandable because of the amount of people who trooped in as soon as they site was announced and went live.

According to some friends of mine who did some little testing “the average time it takes for the home page to be displayed on LIS. 2 minutes and 8 seconds”.

Within this period of time you would agree with me that one can log on to Facebook four times, YouTube five times, Nairaland eight times lol.

She will have to find support to fix this and scale the product. She’s also going to find out that, at her size, hosting ain’t free.
 Anyway I know this will eventually get better with time.

Security Issues

Linda, for the first time since starting in the media business, is not using the best technology team or infrastructure in the world.

It’s no news that She substituted her Google’s Blogger team – who handled security, load balancing and updates for her on her blogger site, Then contacted a web developer to start work on the development of LIS.

 Apparently this said developer picked up the source code from Github. The level of agreement entered, into with the web developer is unknown, we don’t know that at the moment.

 But In the event that there is a breach in contractual terms, it’s the registered users that will surfer, why? Because a denial of service can occur at anytime, I am not saying it will happen though, but its not out of context that anything can happen.

 The developer can even hijack the site from her for all we know, Already some have started complaining about “Linda Ikeji Social Not Loading Again“ Could it be as a result of the tons of traffic or what? Well that’s not out of context also

Log In Issues 

So far there has been lot of drama lately concerning users trying to access the site.Users were stuck outside waiting for their confirmation emails for almost half an hour.

Some users couldn’t even log in for hours due to, I personally got my confirmation message in buck after clicking the resend confirmation email it was until I clicked the link in the last mail I got, that my account got confirmed successfully.


  This is definitely saying bye to anonymity , you would agree with me, many prefer commenting while their identity is unknown rather than comment with their identity as this commemorates insults and backlash on arguments, motion proposed or personal opinions , you remember this is the internet any one can be attacked.

So by usage of LIS app and site, we can say it will force users to reveal their identities.
This might mean a different type of interaction, well only time could tell.


 Even though it will not be easy getting 50000 followers on this platform I think this is a good development as it can keep members on the site. She promises members with 50k follows some percentage of income on LIS.

 I am pretty sure many will delve into this followership business on LIS.  If you don't have 50k followers, you don't get a bite of the advertisement money hahahaha.

 Some has said This is just a way of Linda “saying sorry, I can’t share my money with you” but I don’t know linda to be the stingy type, she gives freely.

1k per post 

 Can we say we are all doomed lol! I am talking about privacy been invaded because of some little notes of naira, right now everyone making a big deal about Linda paying users for submitting original content.

  I’m not sure how this will work out in the long run ,–because there’s a ton of incentives to simply “make up” stories or gist, and it’s not as if those team of hers has been below providing her news and all those stuffs.

This feels a lot like China

Tech Cabal says this feels a lot like china, lol , LIS has no new features that make her a substitute for Facebook. While it is possible to make calls on Facebook you cannot do that on LIS.
In fact, it’s safe to say that we don’t know how this project of hers will end up because we don’t know anything.

 Overall, it takes courage to pull this off and all I can say is Good luck to her, personally I wish her well, I really want to see this grow and become very successful.
Long live LIS!!!

Lets hear from you.

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Brenda's Couch said...

Its just the beginning, I feel and this k she will eventually correct those errors. Nice review guy.

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