Lagos vs. Abuja: Which is the best city to work?

Lagos vs. Abuja: Which is the best city to work?

So many reasons make Abuja and Lagos one of the most loved cities in Nigeria.
Today I will be talking about some key points why this is so, these cities will provide you with the best lifestyle and career option when it comes to standard living.

The Standard Of living in Lagos is top notch

One of the top reason people would prefer to work in Lagos is that Lagos will provide you with numerous opportunities, unlike Abuja where most people work in government house or are government employed. I talked with one Mr. Emma, a civil servant that works in Victoria Island Lagos, here is what he has to say.

I think Lagos is better because:
It is easier to start a business in Lagos
It is cheaper to get accommodation in Lagos
The cost of living is relatively cheaper in Lagos than Abuja
Lagos is more populated (A plus for point #1 above)
The seaport is in Lagos (imported goods gets to Lagos first)

On the other Hand.

Abuja is not just any place, I mean it’s the capital of Nigeria. Which makes it a big deal. From notable places like Maitaima – Amusement Park to top-level buildings in the state, it competes with other top-level countries in terms of infrastructure. When you work or stay in Abuja it’s like you are working in one of those advanced countries. So it is safe to say Abuja is more developed, but it is very affordable to stay in Lagos State.

Social is another name for Lagos.

Lagos is full of life, you can never run out of places to visit. In a nutshell, Lagos is less boring compared to Abuja. Fashion shows, socialization spots, small groups hang out are activities that make Lagos one of the most livable cities in Nigeria. After a hard day at work, you can unwind and hang out in the nightlife, it’s great.

Lagos is home to Entrepreneurs.

There is a reason new businesses pop up all the time in Lagos, this is besides the many opportunities Lagos has to offer, it is quite easy to start a business here and keep it growing, registering a business is easy and you will be shocked to know a lot of buyers and traders come from another part of the country. Some even take flight from Lagos to Abuja to deliver goods and services.

Abuja Offers Great Corporate Job Opportunities

Abuja has the biggest banks, industrial estates, and e-commerce business in the country. Some of the country’s biggest companies and enterprise have their headquarters in Abuja. This will give you an insight why Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. Some has even nicknamed it the London in Nigeria.

The Transport System in Lagos is Cheap and Safe

In Lagos state, the yellow buses, BRT buses, Tricycles popularly called the Keke nappes and affordable can make lagos affordable to move from one place to the other even cheap flights are available.  However, Lagos and Abuja are the safest states in Nigeria to work and live in.

The president of the nation and every other lawmaker in this country has their residential place in Abuja, which makes the state very secured, the state has police patrol at every corner of the city with spy camera and CCTV hovering everywhere to see that the city has little or no criminal activities.
Abuja is home to President Muhammadu Buhari and every lawmaker in the country. This has provided the capital city with well-structured security measures and police who patrol every corner of the city. CCTV cameras on every street also lower crime levels.

Personally, both places are great, but Lagos offers more opportunity, which makes it a great place to work and stay in.

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