How To Get The Download Link Of Already Uploaded Files, Documents, Music, Videos, On WordPress

Hey Web life Users!!!! It's been a while we updated this great and famous blog, it's also a while we published article based on WordPress Nigeria tech. We are extremely sorry having left you behind all this while without any update, our absent was not in vain. We were busy working out some useful tech for you but we are back now by his supernatural grace, so let pipe on with our useful tech as usual.

This article will guide you step by step on how to get download links for your viewers/blog readers on uploaded files like music, videos, pictures, and even document in your WordPress site sections without any plugins attachments. Below are the essential steps you need to reckon in order to attain a positive results.


Recall that our maim objective is on how to get downloaded links of uploaded files,media or even documents in our WordPress media library section in order for viewers or blog readers to see it.
Simply go to your WordPress site admin page where you need to input your admin details I.e username or gmail address name and password in order for you to gain access to the site dashboard. After successful admin details, a new pop up window will appear shoeing you the site  dashboard. Simply click on POST or NEW I.e to create new updates. See the image below for more guide:

After clicking on the new post button, a new page will appear in two forms visual or in text form, you can make use of sny nedium you like either in visual or in text. The screenshot below will guide you on the above discussion:

The above screenshots represent the visual format view of the dashboard while the below screenshots represent the text format view.

Use their provided cursor in your phone screen  or PC to position the download link button. You can place it any where you want, I.e in the middle, left hand side, right hand side or even at the top or button of your post.You can also allow the link to he independent on it own by levaing the the post content line/ppst editor empty. It is not mandatory for you to do that, What you need to reckon is for your viewer's/blog reader's to see it. Hope you are not lost?? Where ever you encounter little difficulties, there is free room for you to contact the Adkins.


In this stage, less work are needed from our hands but much work are needed from our Brain. All what is required from you is to click on the "Add Media" button to launch your WordPress media library updates section where you will be able to see all existing uploaded files e.g music,videos,pictures and even documents are been listed in ascending order, you can also add/create new file,media or even documents from the library media section.


New media can be added as far as they have not been uploaded in the media library section before, but with the use of drag and drop medium. If the media you intend to share the download link is already in existence in the media library section, then you need to check on the file,media,,documents to get more details by clicking on it. See below screenshot for more guide.

The mark  signals that the media or file you intend to share the download link is selected successfully. Having done that, a crop up window will appear in front of your screen. This pop up window signals the shared file or media description.
See screenshot below for more guide

It is mandatory to note that text added in the description box provided stands as a Hyperlinks text to your file or media download link Young Young intend to upload in the media library section in order for your viewer's or blog reader's to see it.


As soon as you are done with selecting the file you intend to add download link as well as the content written in the description box provided earlier, simply click on the "blue insert add button" at the button corner of your smart phone screen or PC. After that, the media or file uploadeder window will close and the download link will appear automatically in the content box or post editor indicating the description you set up earlier in uploading the file in the ad media library section.

Where ever you are having little difficulties, please contactbrhe adminsbto help you out at no cost!!!


You have successfully adddd a link into your Post with the above guide lines to download files,media's and even documents. The above steps will guide you on how to add numerous download link in your WordPress site as far asbyou follow the above guidelines properly.

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